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Building The Future of Finance Together

Seamless Blockchain Integration for Modern Banking Dynamics.

Fideum is on a mission to empower the world’s most ambitious financial institutions, banks, and SMEs by accelerating their capacity to integrate smart, reliable and regulated digital asset banking products & services for their customers.

Fideum Technology
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Digital Finance Solutions are provided by Fideum

Empowering Financial Transformation

At Fideum, we're not just building solutions; we're shaping the future of finance by integrating traditional and digital domains.

Partners can seamlessly integrate with the Fideum network to immediately access the world of Decentralized Finance for their enterprise & retail customers alike.

  • Decentralized Exchange Connectivity
  • Smart Contract Automation
  • Crypto Wallet Services
  • Regulatory Compliance Tools
  • Staking and Yield Optimization Platforms
Instant Innovation

Some of the world's most forward thinking Financial Institutions trust Fideum as a strategic partner. Our intellectual property elevates their offerings enabling them to not just adapt, but lead.


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Global Reach

Our teams combined experience of 30 years in cutting-edge blockchain technology and 40 years in traditional finance and regulation ensures a future-ready approach.

We don't merely adapt to change; we anticipate it, crafting solutions designed to withstand the evolving financial landscape.

Unrivaled Expertise

With Fideum, partners are always a step ahead, protecting their investments and shaping their future.

Our years of operation in the financial sector, coupled with cutting-edge blockchain expertise, give us an unparalleled advantage. This deep-rooted understanding not only ensures optimal service today but also enables us to anticipate and adapt to future trends, crafting enduring solutions tailored to tomorrow’s financial landscape.

Market Positioning

Aligned For Collaborative Growth

Fideum’s adaptive architecture offers tailored digital finance solutions for both enterprises and individual customers.

Utilizing our microservice architecture, we have the flexibility and modularity to incorporate any desired service within the industry into our back-end infrastructure.

Fideum's B2B2C solutions bridge the gap between businesses and the end-users, delivering a suite of services that cater to evolving market demands.

Our IP

Turn-key, regulatory compliant blockchain infrastructure for modern financial institutions.

At Fideum, we tailor our B2B services to meet the unique needs of modern enterprises looking to navigate and thrive within the digital market landscape. Our comprehensive offerings, including OTC services, banking and remittance solutions, end-to-end staking, and in-depth research, are designed with the precision required for business excellence. Our offerings can also be applied to:

  • Risk Management & Compliance Solutions
  • Asset Management and Investment Platforms
  • Payment Processing and Cross-Border Transfers
  • Real-Time Analytics and Reporting Tools

A robust suite of crypto trading and banking tools.

At Fideum, we envision a world where digital assets are accessible and intuitive for everyone. We believe in empowering individuals to confidently engage with and profit from the digital asset universe. Our B2C platform embodies this vision by democratizing access to the world of crypto, breaking down barriers, and simplifying complexities. Our B2C platform can also be leveraged for:

  • Personal Investment and Portfolio Management
  • Peer-to-Peer Payments and Money Transfers
  • Secure Digital Wallets and Storage Solutions
  • Educational Resources and Crypto Onboarding
  • Loyalty Programs and Crypto Rewards Systems

Your Success. Our Commitment.

Whether you're venturing into new front-end landscapes or seeking robust back-end solutions, Fideum is your committed partner. With our seasoned expertise, we ensure that your entry into this space is guided with unparalleled support, providing you with confidence and strategic direction at every step of your journey

Our Investors

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Executive Members

Our Team

A collective of explorers navigating the uncharted territories of crypto. Together, we chart the course towards financial evolution.

Kelghe D’Cruz
Director of Business Growth And Partnerships, CoFounder

Visionary leader with 10+ years experience in finance, driving growth, global expansions and exits.

Anastasija Plotnikova
Chief Executive Officer & Cofounder

A legal expert, ex-AAVE member, and innovative AI and blockchain leader and builder.

Darren Franceschini
Director Of Blockchain Strategy And Operations, CoFounder

10+ years a blockchain advisor/investor, advising top banks, fortune 500 companies, and governments.

Explore Opportunities Together.

Whether it's investment opportunities or forming strategic partnerships, we invite you to connect with us. At Fideum, we believe in the power of collaboration and are eager to explore how we can grow and innovate together.